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There is a story about a man who became a bishop in Turkey. He is honored in Holland and the Netherlands Antilles every year as 'Sinterklaas'. Tradition has it that he’s accompanied by 'Zwarte Pieten', Black Peters, helpers who have painted their faces black. The international community has protested against this national custom, but old habits die hard.

Would you like to know how it all came to be? And how I personally feel about it?

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December, 2014

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I sailed the oceans, while Penelope wove her threads in the daytime and pulled them out again at night, night after night, day after day, year after year. I'm proud of what I did and I had the greatest time of my life. Now, that I'm back, the wife is settling the score. She's writing for eternity and I'll be reading her stories until the end of time. That's fate for you. I don't mind. The tales put a smile to my lips.

Who is this lady? She doesn’t wait for anyone, sometimes not even for herself. In that sense she's like Mercury, running around and communicating at internet speed, but without his intergalactic footwear and thus burning her heels in the process.
She's faithful and creative. Forced to tell the truth, I'd have to admit, she's so inventive, if not to say she's a born liar, that sometimes I get confused as to what is real or not, whereas I have never doubted my numerous adventures, so accurately described by Homer. She's all the woman a man may want. She's so full of life, laughs and beauty, I believe she was pulled straight from Mother Earth herself. She's so full of testosterone, I believe I'm gay. She overflows and loves to share. Try her, you'll like her.


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